" i love you, korra "
" i love you too "
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I need to go to sleep but I also need to finish writing like five fics

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people on tumblr who call me by my name are my favorites

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we were but children when we fell in love

I hate writing and publishing on mobile so much

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maybe we could be something

60 seconds

His timer was down to the final minute. Which was pretty insane, seeing as he was in a secluded section of the arena. His fingers shook as he wrapped his knuckles, the off white fabric twisting in his unsteady hands. His palms were slick, and shifted uncomfortably in his uniform. Shit. He was not ready for this. He had always thought meeting his soul mate would be…more significant than this would be. He was in a damned pro bending arena, for spirits sakes. This would never measure up to his Parents meeting.

He remembered the story. His Father had been a waiter at a small tea shop in the city. His timer had been dwindling down to the last few seconds when he rested a steaming cup of masala chai onto a table. And the counter hit zero, and a woman laughed, cradling the cup in gentle hands. “It looks like we’re soul mates. Nice to meet you.”

Mako had always imagined meeting his soulmate would be some sort of rendition of his Parents initial meeting.

50 seconds

He grasped the helmet in trembling hands. Breathe, he urged himself. No big deal, just meeting the person you’ll spending the rest of your life with.
He suddenly wished Bolin was there. Mako had expressed concern for his time the night before, when it had been marked with less than twenty four hours until the moment. Bolin had been encouraging, if not incredibly inappropriate, but his words had done nothing to soothe Mako’s nerves. What if she hated him? Or worse, hated Bolin?

40 seconds

Shit. Not only was his time dwindling down to the last seconds, but he was going to be late to the match. Mako clutched the helmet to his chest and started down the hall.

30 seconds

He paused before the locker room. He heard his brother, muffled through the walls. Mako swallowed hard and opened the door.

20 seconds

He did not dare look at his brother when he entered, and turned to the locker. He fumbled with the latch, and nearly dropped his helmet. “Hey, Mako, there’s someone I want you to meet.” He rested the helmet, and tilted his head towards his brother. Shit.

10 seconds

Hasook stepped through the door, then, and Mako stared unblinkingly at him. Fuck no. He jerked his gaze from the team’s waterbender. Bolin beamed up at him when Mako turned to face him.


"Mako, this is my new friend Korra. Saved her from Toza earlier." Bolin introduced, grinning.  


"Hey. It’s so great to meet you-" she extended a hand, but paused. Her eyes fell on her exposed wrist, to the timer there.


Like his, hers was on the final seconds. She retracted her hand and looked up at him. She had the widest eyes he had ever seen.


"Oh." she said, her voice soft. His mouth parted, but words stuck in his throat.


She smiled shyly up at him, and her hand rose again in an offer. He nodded and took her hand. Her fingers hooked beneath the wraps and tugged them up.


"My names Korra, it’s nice to finally meet you." she murmured, her fingers brushing over his empty timer. She held her matching one up.

His mouth opened and what came next was undoubtedly the most words he had spoken in his life.
“Y- you’re my soulmate and I’m an idiot.”

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