" i love you, korra "
" i love you too "
+korra is hella

i must be stopped

"Si-….. Varrick?"
"You should… Mmm.. Do the thing."
I’m such a piece of trash omg
There’s something wrong with me. I haven’t drawn these babies kissing in forever and when I do it’s mushy gushy shitty doodles. just ignore me hahahahHAHA

Quick Korra by *Roggles
Felt like it.

The red lotus of shanghai mafia style.
Zaheer-Big boss
P’li-Big sister
Ming Hua-Killer


Sometimes i like to think about the scene where asami jumps over that metal railing she broke off the airship & if she had of hit it with her feet how badly she would have eaten shit and just smacked into the floor and korra would have lost her shit and quite frankly i wish they did bloopers because that would be the most beautiful thing ever.

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I just got home from school, and now it’s time to listen to sad music and write some hardcore angst

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