" i love you, korra "
" i love you too "
+is it october 3rd yet

okay but like, Ikki is really pretty
"When we thought of Korra, she was pugnacious and a go-getter. She really embraces her role. So if she was already there when we started the show, where could we take her? It was humility and self-awareness and maturity through taking her on a spiritual arc. So it’s kind of the opposite arc that Aang had."
~ Bryan Konietzko on Korra’s character development [x] (via nuktuk)

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family - ᐃᓚᒌᑦ 

Tiny Inuit Korra is my favorite Korra

4 Days to Balance (x)

3 Days to Balance (x)

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Hey babe~

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i had no reason for drawing this other than modern AU slow dancing comfort Makorra in pretty outfits ;-;
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