" i love you, korra "
" i love you too "
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me? have a boyfriend? no, i try to focus on the more important things in life

like crying over character development

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Have a transparent Bolin admiring your blog.

I have this idea for a fic, and I have  few drafts of varying versions, but I’m stuck and not sure where to go with it. Can anyone help me out and give feedback?

It’s a slight AU and centers around a young Suyin and her Father. It’ll include slight Tokka and Toph/Satoru

Thank you!

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hhaheahhahahaheahhhaa maybe in the near future


forreal tho, like what do they mean by “destroy” korra? like kill her? or raava? or both? like


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i remember when mako and korra first broke up i was really happy because “yes this is exactly what they need” and i was SO SURE they were going to get back together in the finale. but when they didn’t i thought “oh…….ok well it’ll be good for them to spend time apart and develop individually first”. but now it’s like “please look at each other i am begging”

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tenzin had to give her a master outfit so that she finally leaves him alone
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